The last few days I’ve been running in and out of music stores looking for a new keyboard. I have got a really great one, a relatively new Yamaha PSR-S500, as it is, but for playing a lot of my music I need two keyboards at once.

Korg PA-50

Korg PA-50

I was first thinking whether to buy a cheap one or an exclusive one. I don’t really use a great one, I thought, since my Yamaha is so damn wonderful. All I need is it to make an OK sound. But then I thought, if I buy a poor one now I’ll have to buy another one in not too long time. Isn’t it smarter buying a better one now, and also get some extra effects which I miss on my Yamaha?

I tried out the KORG PA-50 in a local music store (Musikbörsen), and it was great. I didn’t think it was possible, but it had even better sound than my Yamaha, especially the piano sound. It was also possible to change the split point, which is great since I think it’s too small on my current keyboard. The PA-50 also have an echo sound, sound effects to start only by pressing a button, a great work station, etcetera, etcetera… I’m really intrested in buying it, but… the price. Damn it, the price.

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