Last name first in LaTeX natbib references

For a school hand-in I’m required to have a ”Lastname, Firstname” system in the bibliography references. Working with the highly pliable LaTeX language and the natbib package, I assumed this would be no challange at all, but done in a mouse click. It turned out it wasn’t quite so easy, but I managed to find a great alternative style to natbib, written by Kaare Mikkelsen last year.

Quick guide (in case Mikkelsen’s original guide falls):

  1. Download Mikkelsen’s kbib style file here or here.
  2. Put the style file in your project folder (where the original tex file is stored).
  3. Change the ”\bibliographystyle{natbib}” to ”\bibliographystyle{kbib}”.

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CC BY 4.0 Last name first in LaTeX natbib references by Anton Nordenfur is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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