This is a project I did for English in school a month ago, reading John Steinbeck’s classic novel ”Of Mice and Men”. It is a fictive letter from George and Lennie’s new boss in Soledad to their old boss in Weed. My received grade was 17, in the Swedish system about VG+ / MVG (the Swedish grading system is IG – G – VG – MVG).

Harold Ford,
Ranch of Nice Fellas,
Soledad, California
7th July 1933

Carl Michael,
Raping Ranch,
Weed, California

Dear Mr. Michael.
My name is Harold Ford, and as the president of the Ranch of Nice Fellas in Soledad, California, to which you have sent two men earlier working for your ranch, Lennie Small and George Milton, I decided to carry out a letter to you immediately, to gain some information about the two of them.
I don’t really know if I should expect you to remember me from then, but we have met once, actually. In the fall of September back in ’28, our roads crossed on a visit I had to Weed. We didn’t have such a great contact, still I remembered your name as I saw it on the contact information the men brought. Your ranch is one of few things that I clearly remember from Weed, and especially the strong discipline charged upon your workers to create a splendid working enviroment, eye candy for any man that ought to see it. I would truly apperciate a future drop in from your behalf, if you would enjoy seeing the affect of an old man’s admiration towards your work.
Talking about my ranch ofcourse leads us to the major point of this letter. One night has passed since the arrival of my two new workers, claiming that their last employement were at Raping Ranch, Weed; your ranch. Still I cannot avoid suspection towards this. Ebery time I have them asked about the days back in Weed, George Milton (which obviously is the talking one of the two) avoids this, changing subject. He doesn’t seem too happy talking about it, and I can’t understand why. And I can’t understand why the smaller one of them keeps hanging along with the other. My first thought was that the bigger – Lennie Small – who, well, isn’t that bright, was used by the other, George, that only had him with him to keep his part of the money. Though, I only kept this thought in mind for minutes, till I realised that George Milton rather looked after his poor cousin. I understood that this was something rather hard to find; true family love. I may be wrong, but this was my interprention of the whole story.
Another thing that worries me is that their arrival appeared yesterday morning and not the night before. They were supposed to have made the morning work, and now that’s impossible. Do you have any recalling of them being late often? Because if they do that, I’m afraid that’s quite a serious problem to me. How I now will handle this, we’ll see when I get to that point.
I’ll be greatful for answers as soon as possible, thank you on forehand.

Yours sincerly,
Harold Ford

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