The professionalism of my photographic skills, a testament to my egocentric, materialist, atheist values, and (I believe) the first self-portrait uploaded to this blog in its five-year lifespan.

2012. It always feels weird when facing a new number, every year the same number. I’m enticed to say that the years feel more and more science fiction and futuristic in the 21st century, but I’m sure it felt exactly the same when predicting the near future or facing new years in the 1900s, or for that matter long before that.

It feels weird as always, but I’m sure it’ll be fantastic. 2012 is the year of the first new Hobbit release. It is the year of the end of the world (and while I don’t care for these folks who haven’t even checked their original sources, it’ll be interesting to see what happens – not that I think a megavulcano or a Planet X will strike, but in that I’m scared of a second Heaven’s Gate). It is the year (hopefully) of my first academic graduation, and the year (hopefully) of my first academic studies in engineering and sciences. It is the year, if all goes as planned, that I finally check through the final edition of my completed 500-page novel The Tempest and send it off to some publishers for evaluation. It is the year, if all goes as planned, that I get a part-time job and get my own apartment after 20 years of living with my mom.

All in all, it is the year I grow up. Let’s hope I don’t crash and burn while escaping Earth orbit.


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