Lord of The Flies

We are right now reading William Golding’s classic adventure book Lord of The Flies in school. I was surprised, it is truly interesting. All along the reading, I try to think myself into the situation. Off course, this isn’t easy at all since it is a difference of about three years; I am almost fifteen, and they are at most twelve. Allthought, I guess I would be the one to help Simon and Ralph building up a more or less advanced camp, even though others are enjoying themself in the sun. I really think I would have the power to work hard so that I would survive easier later on.

The plot: Lord of The Flies is set in the time of the war. A gang of schoolkids, between six and twelve years old are travelling in an airplane which is shot down by enemy troops. They suddenly are stranded on a desert island, and without any adults nearby, the children creates their own society with laws and special professionals.

If you haven’t read the book yet: please, give it a try and you won’t regreat it.

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  • Tim

    Consequently, you would also die.

  • whatsaname

    Cant you even spell? TROOPS Not TROUPS idiot..
    What i think of you when i read you blog , is that youre an , like many like to call , an EMO .
    Get face to it. Youre a geek.
    Still i do not know why im writing this reply.. ah , yes , im BOORED.
    I got NOTHING else to do then tell other people that theyre geeks and idiots.
    I feel poor about you school..

  • admin

    whatsaname: Hey, perhaps you haven’t read that I’m not living in an English speaking country, and God, I’m not that old. I haven’t learned everything yet.

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