For anyone that doesn’t know, Marabou’s traditional milk chocolate bars are divided into squares. It’s not a newsflash that this is a huge cheat, but I don’t think I realised the size of it until now.

I have a chocolate bar I’m currently eating, which was unfortunately melted in a car and later put in the fridge for a day, until now. The bar was entirely melted, and thus the squares are no longer recognisable, resulting in the bar only cover three fourths of its plastic container. One fourth! That’s the amount of space wasted on these squares!

We are constantly tricked into believing that bigger containers mean bigger portions of food or drink. I am obviously quite upset with all those companies right now.

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2 kommentarer på “Marabou cheats”

  1. Det står ju hur mycket chokladkakan väger på förpackningen så att du inte behöver gissa genom att titta på den, n00b.
    Dessutom finns rutorna där för att det ska gå att bryta av små bitar, på så sätt slipper du använda en slagborr om du inte vill äta hela på en gång.
    Tips: att leta efter saker att bli arg på är onödigt. Ät din chokladkaka och var glad istället ^_^


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