Samsung Galaxy SIII

I got a brand new cell phone today, after my old one had started breaking down both internally and externally. The new phone, a Samsung Galaxy SIII (Android 4.0.4, quad-core, 1080p and a whole lot of other cool features) is really amazing – much faster and much more advanced than my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. I’ll probably write a more extensive review when I’ve had it for a month or so, but until then let me just say it works fantastically, and it seems worthy of the hype – being touted as the best phone in the market, basically.

It does feel sort of like the end of an era, though. All of my previous phones, except for my first one (a Nokia in the early 2000’s) have been Sony Ericsson phones, and this is my very first Samsung. The difference is much smaller nowadays since they share an operative system (Android), but it still feels strange. Sony Ericsson was entirely bought by Sony earlier this year, and they are now apparently disappearing more and more from the market. The current cell phone war is extremely interesting to follow, with major players falling left and right constantly. A top player one day can fall to pieces the next. I’m truly curious of what will happen to Samsung, HTC, Apple and the other major players in the next few years.

In the game of thrones, I suppose, you win or you die. I wonder if someone has thought about that before.

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