Today, Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish released their third single from their Dark Passion Play album, ”Bye Bye Beautiful” (preceded by ”Eva” in May 2007 and ”Amaranth” in August). This is clearly the best single of the album, and one of the best songs, together with for example ”The Poet and the Pendulum”, ”Sahara” and ”7 Days to the Wolves”.

The standard version of the singel features this tracklisting:

  1. Bye Bye Beautiful
  2. The Poet And The Pendulum (demo version)
  3. Escapist
  4. Bye Bye Beautiful (DJ Orkidea remix)

Except ”Bye Bye Beautiful”, this features ”Escapist”, a bonus track for Dark Passion Play’s Japanese version, as well as two unreleased versions of two songs; a remix of ”Bye Bye Beautiful” and a demo version of ”The Poet and the Pendulum” where Marco Hietala performs all the vocals, with changed lyrics at some points. Frankly, DJ Orkidea’s remix sucks big time. But also, I’ve never really liked techno music. The demo version is ofcourse a demo version, and ofcourse it’s silly to believe Marco can sing the parts of a boy soprano. White Lands of Sympathica, which is a sad part, really makes me laugh on the demo version. I like the lyrics in ”The Pacific” part of TPTP though, that got banned from being published. :)

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2 kommentarer på “Nightwish – Bye Bye Beautiful”

  1. Ermm, Anton… The Orkidea remix is trance, not techno.
    If you think it all sounds the same, and it all sucks, it’s probably because you’ve only heard the
    commercial stuff. It’s a bit like someone condemning metal when they’ve only heard mallcore.
    May I suggest that you seek out Jaïa, Art of Trance, and Wasabe (very difficult to find, Wasabe).
    Then you’ll have heard some of the absolute best of trance (goa, classic and hard trance, respectively).
    You like Nightwish, which suggest that you like very technical music with dramatic melody. Good trance (which is very much underground these days) fits the bill.
    If you do seek out the artists I mentioned, and want to find more of the good stuff, go to Listology and find darktremor and karan129. They’re the most clued up. That’s where I learned from.

    1. @David

      In the past three years since I wrote that I have discovered I was wrong, and yes, you’re right. I can quite clearly see the similarities between the two. I have found a number of bands in the trance genre that I’ve come to enjoy, but still no that I have really sticked with. Thanks a lot for the recommendations, I’ll definitely check them out! :)


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