My name is Anton Nordenfur, and I’m a 20-year-old Swede currently studying physics at Linköping University. Aside from studying, my major interests are science, literature and politics. I am an amateur astronomer with emphasis on ”amateur”, and I bought my first telescope in the fall of 2011.

I’m a board member of the Swedish Pirate Party, which criticises surveillance and copyright law and advocates government transparency. My major fields of political interest are education and scientific development. I’m also treasurer and ex-president of the East Sweden chapter of Young Pirates, the party’s youth organisation, and editor of the Pirate Times, the international pirate movement’s news site. According to the Political Compass I’m a left-libertarian.

Contact me through e-mail ( or phone (+46707496840). Pirate related stuff can go to I’m also on Skype, nick nordenfur. Please don’t spam me.

If you like me, consider donating through Bitcoin (1GzcGVF5iW87BX2dyWxSzp4tqB2pLwq6NL), Paypal ( or Flattr (Quispiam).

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