Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time” was my first step towards fulfilling my 2013 goal of trying ten new board games.

In the game, the players take turns in telling a story, taking help from cards with words like ”hidden”, ”crown”, ”secret” and ”wolf”. Each player has an ending card, with a finishing phrase of the story (like ”then they married and lived happily ever after”). When a player plays her ending card, she wins.

The game relies heavily on collectively working on playing a good game, rather than everyone trying their best to win. If the ending isn’t satisfying to all side-plots, the players can vote to keep playing. If a player tells the story poorly and hesitating, that player’s turn ends.

As not all such rules are one hundred percent clear, I don’t think the game is for everyone. Is not a good game if you always want to win. If you like telling stories and you prefer a beautiful game, this is the perfect game. It works excellently played like I played it, with new friends I had just recently met, and worked with a lot of laughs and a fun time.

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