On August 22, 2011, I first downloaded and started using Anki, an amazing (and free!) program for studying just about anything. I’ve primarily used it for my Chinese studies, but I’ve also used it for remembering science constants, math equations, birthdays, geography (at least I tried) and a lot more.

I celebrate the one-year anniversary by downloading the latest beta of Anki 2, the latest version of the program, and so far it looks really promising. It claims to be much smoother and faster, with decks six to nine times smaller in size, but it’s also very slick and overall good looking, with a lot of improvements. I especially enjoy the new statistics page, where you can view graphs over your reviews. I gathered the one-year reviews for my Chinese deck. Apparently I have studied on Anki for 93 % of the days in the past year, which I think is pretty good. The ones missing are generally when I’ve been away from home for several days straight and have missed one or two days. Ever since I got the Anki app on my phone, in the beginning of September last year, that has simplified things quite a lot.

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