My first go at telescope photography.

Almost every night I am shocked that there’s a huge rock floating in the sky, clearly visible with the naked eye yet thousands of kilometers away. The Moon continue to capture my interest, on most nights more so than the most fantastical clusters, stars and nebulae. There is a reptilian part of my brain – in all of our brains – that still refuse to grasp the existence of the world out there, the beautiful, magnificent, ever expanding cosmos surrounding us, marking out our insignificance, turning us into a speck in the sea of darkness.

But the Moon is there. It is inescapable. It has always been there, as long as there have been humans, and it will probably remain until the last human either dies on Earth, or leaves Earth to be swallowed by the Sun. The Moon is there. And we have been there.

And I keep feeling that the giant ball in the sky is worth some extra thought in these clouded nights.

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