Picture from 2007.01.24

I drew this picture only a couple of minutes ago. It’s a photograph, so the quality isn’t the greatest one. Click on it to get a bigger picture.


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2 kommentarer på “Picture”

  1. Aki, the picture you drew is wonderful. Are you a cartoonist or painter or what? I was running a magazine last year called Satire and Cartoon. shut it down soon the fanatic people. We received death threats, left the country for six month and my secretary caught by police, fortunately he escaped and ran to me. polices were searching us for days. Finally we left the city to rural area after that crossed the border. ha terrible adventure.

    I like cartoon to picture what looks funny and amazed. This is in had of cartoonist of course


  2. Thanks a lot!

    It’s terribly, everything that happens down there, in Afghanistan… I truly hope it’ll calm down some day.



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