Nothing is certain
As the laughter of summer turns to ice
No-one is secured
As summer is frozen down to ice
Nothing will ever be the same
As the realm of winter came

Will we not suffer?
Will we not freeze?
Yet another month
Till the warmth kills the grip
Winter, giving in to the spring
Will it ever appear?
Will it ever stand clear?

Will this month
Cold and creeping
Ever turn back
To the hell of ice
From where it belong?

Another child dies
And the devil may know
That he will not turn up
Till the evanescence of snow

A month has passed
And no change appeared
Will there ever be a change
Out in the fields?

So much to live for
So much to die for
Snow wherever you see
Faith in seasons keeps me alive
But when does my faith turn to doubt?

Living for surviving
This is no life
Living for dying
There is no life
No life in the winter
No life in the snow
No life in a world
A non-seasoned world

Men are dying
Women crying
No bodies appearing
No evanescence of snow

No-one’s caring
No light to glow
No evanescence of snow.

Spelling and stuff like that was fixed on October 11, 2012.

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