Heaven opened before me
Swallowed me into its shell and spat me out
I barely saw the world turn away
I barely felt the burning bite

They told me I am not alone no longer.
They told me that finally, I am at rest,
Not dead nor alive,
With my heart pounding in the pace of my family.
They told me to walk with them.
I was given raven wings,
Crimson, sharpened teeth,
and a new heart in this life after death.

Feeling scared, lonesome and hated
I couldn’t bare not seeing my reflection
Cracking my mirror with my very pawn
Watching the blood run through the drain

They told me the secret of paradise is sin
They told me that whatever I do, at least I’m better than them.
They told me the only key to the gate of golden ember
Is the one in my very throat.
They told me to carry on my life work or everything is lost,
That while sins not last forever so does life.

They told me hope will always be the only way to heaven.

Stab me
In this darkness
Cure me
Before I avenge myself
Kill me
Only illumination can
Cure me
To become myself again

Oh, this is the end
I will never be myself again
Oh, this is the end
Of human kind, and it’s all my fault

– Sometimes paradise is closer than heaven –

Is it true what someone once said
That reality sometimes is stranger than fiction?
Who actually believes the fairy tales?
But then again
How many people does not check under their bed
Before they go to sleep?
How many people can walk the woods
Without having to resist calling for the Fair Maiden?
How many does not really believe in us?
How many are really scared of us?

A quote from a poem of my own, Them Crimson Bites, written in 2007 or 2008 I believe.

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2 kommentarer på “Quote of the Day #17”

  1. när jag satt och läse dikten funderade jag på ”hmm vem har skrivit denhär? den är ju fantastisk” och så kommer jag längst ner och ser att DU har gjort den.
    Asså, ibland hatar jag dig för att jag inte kan skriva som du. Du är AWESOME, på RIKTIGT.
    Btw, det är kul här och jag har massa coola saker, men jag saknar er.
    I’ll call you.



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