For the first time in several months, I’m re-watching the Matrix trilogy. I’m at the part of Trinity’s resurrection in Matrix: Reloaded right now. Why is all the great epics trilogies? Star Wars (the original, that is), The Matrix, The Godfather, Lord of the Rings… Oh well, three is a magic number.

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En tanke på “Re-watching the Matrix trilogy”

  1. If you have a helluva story to tell, it’s often stretch far beyond the average lenght of a book or movie and VOILA :D

    I have allways loved trilogies. You get more perspective on the characters, and the director/writer has more space for ideas (well if its not good ideas it really dosent matter but still xD)
    But i admit, i’am a sequel addict :D For example i almost only read trilogies or series. But by THE GODS you get depressed when its over, i will probably finish The Dark Tower VII today and i’am sobbing allready :*(
    P.S I’ll bring The Stand on monday :)



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