I’ve always been a big fan of Star Wars, ever since I was a little kid. I remember having a shirt from the film trilogy that’s way too little now, and I still have figures of the characters with moveable arms and legs, as well as a Falcon ship toy.

After re-watching Episodes I, II and VI today, I just felt I had to write about the films. I never concidered the second trilogy (I-III) as a part of a series with the original one (IV – VI). They are more like two stories, the original one being about Lukes fight against Darth Vader and so on, and the other one more or less telling the story of how Anakin Skywalker turned from that innocent boy into the evil Darth Vader. They are still great though, although my favorite films must rank in the order V, VI, IV, III, I, II. But they’re all great, they are all epic, and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Star Wars live action TV series, to be released in 2009 or 2010, and to focus on the minor characters in the period between episode III and IV. I just hope it won’t disappoint me.

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  1. Indeed, Star Wars is a piece of history :) Though i think the original trilogy is the superior one. It has a more serious and adult plot. Of course George Lucas had to make the newest trilogy a bit softer for the younger crowd but still. Allthough i thought Jar Jar could jump from the nearest skyscrape ;P But overall its one of the greatest story thats ever been told :D


  2. I agree totally. The second trilogy is much less serious and… well, bright. Too bright. However I feel that III: The Revenge of the Sith is more of a prologue to the original trilogy, alike what Bilbo is to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, or what an ouverture is to an opera.


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