…and try to figure out why this has been my most visited post for quite a while now (even ahead of the startpage by 40 % or so). It may simply be the obscure reference in the header leading forth many Poe fans, but I can’t find a lot of her in the general Google searches leading here.

Anyways, for more info: the traffic to the blog has been steadily increasing since early October, which I guess is good. The most popular Google search words are still ”simone simons hot” and ”tuomas holopainen” (the first almost twice as popular than the latter), but there have also come several new claimers of the throne. Both ”Taikatalvi translation” and ”taikatalvi lyrics nightwish” appear on positions 3 and 5 (both leading here). Other search words related to Nightwish and their new album Imaginaerum (more specifically concerning my reviews on Imaginaerum and on ”Storytime”) appear on positions 8, 9 and 10.

While the majority of my audience is international (the biggest majority is 14 % from the USA), the 12 % majority of Swedes are apparently very interested in the red panda, and the search word ”kattbjörn” (Swedish name for the red panda) is on position 4.

There’s also a second Simone Simons search phrase, simply ”simone simons” on position 6, and my article from when I considered buying a KORG PA-50 is for some reason still interesting, leading to ”korg pa 50” still being a steady search word on position 7.

Summary, common Google search phrases leading to my blog:

  1. ”simone simons hot”
  2. ”tuomas holopainen”
  3. ”Taikatalvi translation”
  4. ”kattbjörn”
  5. ”taikatalvi lyrics nightwish”
  6. ”simone simons”
  7. ”korg pa 50”
  8. ”nightwish storytime review”
  9. ”nightwish imaginaerum review”
  10. ”imaginaerum review”

Interesting, huh?

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