The new Nightwish track ”Storytime” is finally out. The single can be bought or downloaded, and the video can be viewed on YouTube (the video version of the song is shortened by a minute and twenty seconds, with parts of the intro and the symphonic section removed).

The song is surprisingly good, both melodic and interesting, with good melodies and an amazing symphonic section (even though it does feel rather Crimson Tide inspired at 03:22 – 03:34). The beginning and end (not the video version) seem to connect it to the other songs of the album, which gives me further hope of a connected album in the likes of other symphonic metal masterpieces such as Kamelot’s Epica. The song also feature some really cool steel drums, which are rarely used well (or at all) in metal music. It also features Anette Olzon’s voice much more smoothly with the music than on some of the Dark Passion Play tracks.

Nightwish’ new album Imaginaerum will be released November 30, 2011, and can be pre-ordered in their shop.

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