Isn’t this big split between the sexes getting a bit too big? I mean, people keep complaining about women being called stupider than men, that the world is unfair when women are seen as sex objects.

But no-one, NO-ONE thinks it’s weird that a boy dressing up in a pink dress would get bullied, taken as a joke at the best. If he then said ”what? No, I just like wearing this. Men and women aren’t supposed to be different, so why do you react?”, people would call him insane.

We will never be equal. Not if these trends continue (and they will). And I admit it, I would glare at a man wearing a skirt, or even a pink t-shirt. I’m not better than you. But people should stop complaining, saying that women are seen as worse people than men, that I’m lucky for being a male, with oppurtunities. But a girl can dress however she wants, ”as a girl” as well as ”as a boy”, and no-one would really care. But a boy can’t dress ”girlish”.  Since I have relatively long hair ”for a boy”, and since my eyelashes are naturally longer than normal, thus making my eyes a bit ”girlish”, I often get to hear that I look like a girl, and I often experience people mistaking me for one. I don’t care. I’m not cutting my hair just because I look like a girl. That’s my step on our road to equity. What’s yours?

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