Att älska

Det finns så många jag älskat. Som lärt mig så mycket. Som försvunnit ur mina liv. Det här är det närmsta jag kommer ett tack till er. Ellen, du lärde mig hur fint det är att vara kär. Emelie, du lärde mig vad kärlek är. Och att den kan infinna sig även när man har […]


Some people are just perfect for their job. Such as Sainsbury’s customer manager Chris King. This scan-in of a letter sent from 3-year-old Lily Robinson to the Sainsbury’s support, and their response, is circulating the web. I found it on the Facebook page of Parker Lim, but I haven’t found who was first to upload […]

Film Review: Babel (2006)

”One gunshot is heard across the world”  Babel (2006) is one of those films I’ve seen a lot of advertising (posters etcetera) for yet knew nothing about. I was going to rent a film with my girlfriend, and finding nothing interesting we simply picked up ”Babel” – it is after all a well-criticized film so […]

Quote of the Day #4

<Me> ”I ordered something without meat as well as fish, and I get fried mozarella with – as I realise after eating it for five minutes – included fish and ham. <Cook> ”Why does it matter? There’s almost no fish and almost no ham.” <Me> ”I eat NO fish and NO ham. I’m a vegetarian, […]