My new book ”Home” available on Amazon

Amazon has now started selling my new book Home through their various websites (France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, UK, USA). Unfortunately it is to expensive to buy it to Sweden due to the shipping costs, but for whoever lives outside of Sweden this is the best and cheapest way to get it at the moment. Home will start selling in Sweden some time […]

Yet another ”Home” update

So it is now all finalised – the second edition of my book ”Home” is proofed to the nth degree, accepted by the printer people and basically all done for sale. I have pushed the magic button, meaning it will begin selling at Amazon (.com,, .de, .fr, .whatever) in the next week or so. […]

Update on second edition of ”Home”

I’ve now finalised pretty much everything for the second edition of my book Home, the first wider edition. There’s a great deal of internal changes with approximately 10-15 % brand new content, design changes, and a great new cover design by Louise Qvarfordt. If all goes as planned I will have the second edition available […]

Christopher Hitchens – Mortality (2012)

It took me a long time to digest ”Mortality” before sitting down and writing this review. In short, this is a non-fiction tale of a man’s battle with cancer (or rather, as he would put it, cancer’s battle with him) and his ultimate death. Whether or not you like Chris Hitchens’ philosophy, views on religion […]

The Wind Through the Keyhole

The Dark Tower novel ”The Wind Through the Keyhole”, due late April, has now been ordered from Amazon. I could have ordered it from a Swedish retailer a tad cheaper, but I couldn’t stand not having the beautiful Simon & Schuster hardcover edition which I’ve loved so much since the cover art was released (view below). Apparently only […]