Prop 19 fails

Just heard that the Californian Proposition 19, which was voted tonight, failed. Prop 19 would have legalized the personal usage of cannabis (marijuana). Marijuana is a drug that is perfectly healthy in the correct dosage, especially if you decide to compare it to the widely used alcohol. Not to mention, no-one has been recorded to […]

Andra världskriget (Hemprov historia)

1. Beskriv andra världskrigets händelseförlopp Det som betydde allra mest för andra världskrigets utbrott var Tysklands nya regering, det Nationalsocialistiska tyska arbetarpartiet (nazistpartiet), som tog makten 1933 med Adolf Hitler i spetsen. Nazistpartiets hade länge visat fram propaganda som utnyttjade den dåliga ekonomi som följt förlusten i första världskriget. Det tyska folket hade under en […]

The Last Samurai

Tom Cruise is one of the few super-famous actors who I believe actually deserve their popularity, who actually are good on stage. He and Johnny Depp are the two I can mention right up front that I feel this way about. The problem with him is how he almost only acts action films, and action […]

Film Review: Babel (2006)

”One gunshot is heard across the world”  Babel (2006) is one of those films I’ve seen a lot of advertising (posters etcetera) for yet knew nothing about. I was going to rent a film with my girlfriend, and finding nothing interesting we simply picked up ”Babel” – it is after all a well-criticized film so […]


I just watched the 2008 American horror/sci-fi film Cloverfield, and it was amazing. Really, long time since I last saw such a great film. Basically, it is about a monster attack against Manhattan, filmed with a amateur camera by a couple of friends who happened to witness the whole thing. The film includes the time […]