One year with Anki

On August 22, 2011, I first downloaded and started using Anki, an amazing (and free!) program for studying just about anything. I’ve primarily used it for my Chinese studies, but I’ve also used it for remembering science constants, math equations, birthdays, geography (at least I tried) and a lot more. I celebrate the one-year anniversary […]

Chinese proficiency report #2

Inspired by my six month report two weeks ago, I decided to start writing reports on my Chinese skills as they (hopefully) expand and evolve. My courses in Chinese for the 2011-2012 year are the following: TEKI01 – Basic Chinese part 1 The first of two basic courses, which take up the greatest part of […]

Life, part 2: Six months of Chinese studies

As I’m writing this it’s hard to imagine six months have passed already since I first walked into a Chinese class at Linköping University. It feels like an eternity has passed since I first decided to study the language, about a year ago, and applied for the program. I was nightmarishly late for my very […]

Updating shared deck in Anki (the complicated but as far as I know only way)

After having used Anki for about two months, primarily for my Chinese studies, I have discovered an annoying inconvenience – decks that are uploaded by one user and downloaded by another can’t be updated  by the downloader without erasing and replacing the deck. In other words – if I update one of my decks (like ”Additional […]