Inte asteroiden över Chelyabinsk, men så kan större nedslag se ut.

Chelyabinsk var inte en väckarklocka, det var snoozeknappen

I februari i år sprängdes en asteroid över den ryska staden Chelyabinsk. Massvis filmer spreds över internet på den tjugo meter breda rymdstenen som kraschade genom jordens atmosfär. Det var bara ren tur att ingen dödades i katastrofen som skadade tusentals byggnader och uppemot ett och ett halvt tusen människor. En ny rapport som publicerats […]

Curiosity draws massive penis on Mars

As reported by I Fucking Love Science on Facebook, the rover Curiosity has drawn out a huge penis in the regolith on the surface of Mars. Apparently NASA claims it was an accident. I chose to believe it was not. As reported by I Fucking Love Science on Facebook, the rover Curiosity has drawn out […]

Med i Östnytt om asteroidsatsningar

I fredags såg vi det största asteroidnedslaget på över hundra år, med över tusen skadade och enorma ekonomiska skador. Liknande katastrofer kan inträffa när som helst, och nästa gång kanske vi inte har lika stor tur. Ung Pirats förbundsordförande Gustav Nipe har skrivit en debattartikel på Newsmill om hur vi borde satsa om pengar från […]

Uwingu – A New Way to Fund Space Exploration, Research, and Education

Uwingu is an amazing new concept for funding space exploration, research and education. They’re currenty in their final few days on Indiegogo, where individuals can sponsor their needed start-up of $75 000. Check it out! Uwingu is a small start-up company, a for profit LLC, consisting of prominent astronomers, planetary scientists, former space program executives, […]

A solar eclipse as seen from Mars

I’m sure no-one’s missed the Curiosity rover’s legendary landing on our planet neighbour Mars. Since it’s landing on August 6 it has taken thousands of pictures, many of which are available for download through NASA’s website. For a good overview, check out Phil Plait’s picture summary of the first week. The picture above is taken […]

Can the moon landing site become the first extraterrestrial UNESCO World Heritage site?

Apparently NASA is now trying to get the moon landing site, known as Tranquility Base, registered in the National Register of Historic Places. If this succeeds, it might in turn be nominated to the UNESCO World Heritage List, which lists properties ”forming part of the cultural and natural heritage which the World Heritage Committee considers as having […]

Perspective: How large is a solar flare?

Astronomy is awesome greatly due to its huge size. It is impossible for any human being – a brilliant scientist or a regular Joe alike – to wrap one’s mind around how big space really is, how tiny we humans really are on our little rock in the blackness of cosmos. A solar flare is […]

A great legend is dead

Few writers have been as prolific to me as Ray Bradbury. He was alongside just a few others in making me start reading properly, start truly enjoying literature and for that matter all media of culture. He was alongside just a few others in making me start make up stuff, start write my own stories […]

Quote of the Day #24

”Hold my hand, Doctor. Try to see what I see. We’re so lucky we’re still alive to see this beautiful world. Look at the sky. It’s not dark and black and without character. The black is in fact deep blue. And over there! Lighter blue. And blowing through the blueness and the blackness, the winds […]