Charles Darwin

A short essay on Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution. The Life of Charles Darwin One of the most well-known names in the science of today is Charles Darwin, often called the Father of Modern Biology. He is the author of “On the Origin of Species” (1859), and the Läs mer


Questions and answers on DNA. Quite boring reading, I know, but it might help someone I guess. – What is DNA? The DNA of an organism is the material showing its heredity. The DNA is mostly located in the cell nucleus, packed in chromosones, but can also be found in the Läs mer

Essay: Paint & Cosmetics

Paint and Cosmetics a project entirely written by Anton Johansson, 8E written in physics in autumn 2006     Cosmetics Cosmetics and its ingredients Cosmetics are mixtures used for enhancing human body, such as face, hair, lips and nails. You may also include things such as perfumes, which’s ingredients are Läs mer