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Jag vågar vara lite ego ett tag.

Därför att för tio år sedan startade jag en blogg.

En blogg som hette aki’s blogg, på domänen blog.mangaworld.se. Jag, en patetisk fjortonåring som inte riktigt förstod vad världen var. Under en tid när jag för första gången utvecklat vänskap, allt på #hoggy-kanalen @ Efnet på IRC. Jag startade en blogg, något alla gjorde 2006. Som ett fåtal andra fortsatte jag att skriva, och i tio års tid har jag skrivit löpande med minst ett inlägg i månaden.

Jag fattade aldrig syftet med bloggen. Jag är inte helt säker på om jag förstår nu heller. Den täckte allt. ALLT.

Vänskap. Filmer. Spel. Allmän frustration.

Den följde mig i allt jag aldrig berättade om. Min sexdebut. Självskadebeteenden. Självmordsförsök. Många förhållanden och få vänner.

Den följde mig genom glädje och sorg, liv och dödkärlek och hat. Den följde mig genom min ständiga, underliggande vilja att lida. Den som var 2006. Den som är 2016.

Allt mer kom den att handla om politik. Om alla mina åsikter och tankar som är för många för att räkna med här. Två år in i bloggens historia blev jag pirat. Efter fyra till satt jag i partistyrelsen. Fyra år efter det är jag partisekreterare.

Den följde mig genom terror och sorg. Genom så jävla många tårar.

Den här bloggen är min äldsta vän. Den är, med undantag för min familj, det enda jag har kvar efter de här tio åren. Min vän. Min älskare. Min dagbok. Någonting att återvända sig till när allt annat förstörs, någonting som alltid finns där och alltid väntar på mig. Och ja, en smula patetiskt är det. En smula sorgligt. En smula pinsamt. Och en smula fantastiskt.

För tio år sedan startade jag en blogg. Jag vet inte om någon förstår hur viktig den varit för mig.


Anti-pirate lobbyists lie (and take a big crap on free speech while they’re at it)

This is old news, but I didn’t see it until today. The day before the yesterday’s internet blackout in protest of the SOPA/PIPA bills, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), one of the largest anti-piracy looby groups, released a statement concerning the black-out.

Not surprisingly, the MPAA claims the demonstrations are the works of corporations for their own business interests, and ”stunts that punish their users or turn them into their corporate pawns”. This is laughable. The largest foundation (not corporation) to take part in the black-out was the Wikimedia Foundation (responsible for among other services Wikipedia). Wikimedia Foundation is completely non-for-profit and the only way they get around each month is through donations from their users. Most sites that participated in the protest (at least thousands, maybe tens of thousands) are minor blogs and websites that are entirely non-for-profit or even cost their webmasters money.

This is not the work of corporations. This is the work of millions of individuals saying ”no” to the mafia works of MPAA. The only corporation in this drama that is out to ”punish their users or turn them into their corporate pawns” is MPAA. And I still buy their DVDs and go see their films in the cinema.

That comment alone would have been enough for an outraged post. But no, MPAA had to mess things up even more. Apparently unaware of the concepts of democracy and free speech, they also commented that it ”is our hope that the White House and the Congress will call on those who intend to stage this ‘blackout’ to stop the hyperbole and PR stunts and engage in meaningful efforts to combat piracy.”

That’s right. They’re not even hiding it any more. The MPAA is clearly and without doubt asking of the Congress to step in and ask the protesters to quit protesting. Because we are making their job so much harder.

I won’t even comment on the fact that they claim piracy is ”a problem that all now seem to agree is very real and damaging”.


Now my new address is entirely finished, and everything on blog.mangaworld.se perfectly 301 redirects to anton.nordenfur.se. After four years on the same URL, I can’t help but feel a little sentimental.

On the matter of moving your WordPress blog, I found a nice tutorial to follow.

3 years as a blog

Three years has passed to the day since my first post on this blog. I can’t believe it’s survived for so long, but it has and for that I’m greatful. I guess it’s because I don’t really care who if any reads it, I only post things I need to write for one reason or another. I think that’s the point of a blog. Lots of people really care too much about writing every day, and in the end that’s they have to take a pause. That’s lame. I try to keep at least one post a month, and so far I’ve been successful, for 36 whole months. Woah. Oh well, see you in another three years.


Back in black (again)

Hi there, my fellow fans! No one probably missed me, but this blog accidentally went down (after I failed to update some things) about a week ago, and just went up again – updated! I used to have this really old WordPress version and wasn’t feeling to safe with the idea of updating it as there would have been a slim chance for the entire system to crash, and losing all my active blogging since 2006 didn’t sound too tempting. But as the blog went down and I didn’t know if the database was safe to survive anyway, I tried updating. Win or lose it all. It turned out really easy, and here I am.

I also got a new layout on the same time, now the Pixeled theme created by Sam Karathanos. Beautiful!

All my pictures got deleted in the crash though, too bad but hey, life goes on.

Simone Simons… and the rest

SimoneEvery day, I get about 6500 hits for one single post on this blog: ”Simone Simons infected by MSRA”, mainly for that damn pic. The second most popular is the main page, with circa 500(!). I don’t mind, it brings quite a lot of people to my blog. I did a search on Simone Simons on Google just a minute ago, and that picture on this site is the first hit! I didn’t think it was that big. Hihi, cool. So now I know how to get audience here: Hot metal singers!

Sharon den Adel

 Simone 2


Liv Kristine


Sharon 2



In today’s copy of Extra Östergötland (an Ostrogothian daily newspaper) in the technology part (I always find it interesting hearing about the new trends and new ideas in IT and other technology), the biggest story had the title ”Still Blogging? That is sooooo 2007!”.

Okay, I have never cared for trends, NEVER. I dress the way I think looks good and is comfortable, I play the computer games I like, watch the movies I like etcetera. And I try not to react to hard on the damn kids following every 1000 euro  fashion trend, but this frustrates me. Who the hell cares that it’s not cool to blog? I don’t blog to be famous or cool, I blog cause I need somewhere to react and show what I feel for certain things – like a diary – and because it’s always good to have a backup with all your school projects on, if I lose my computer for example. And then again, things like showing something to my friends – just send them a link to the page on your blog where it is.

I don’t care if it’s ”sooo 2007” to blog, I have never cared. I don’t care for trends, so shut up.