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Bloggdesign version ingen-aning

Så har bloggen fått ett nytt facelift. Positivt imo, mer modernt, stilrent och lättare att överblicka och läsa. Med tanke på att bloggen snart fyller nio (herregud) är det kanske inte så konstigt att den genomgått en rad förändringar under tiden den flyttat runt (från att ursprungligen ha legat på

Temat är 2014, utan någon vidare modding. Headerbilden kopierad från okänd källa och tillfixad med Lato-font. Flattr tillagd till vänster, arkivet borttaget (ingen klickade på det i alla fall).

Kom gärna med tips på förbättringar, jag är inte något vidare på design.

Nu ska jag hem och lägga mig.

Edit: Okej, en massa detaljer ändrade igen.

158 dagar kvar till EU-valet

2013-12-03 20.06.1518 december 2013, 158 dagar kvar till EU-valet. Vad gjorde jag för Piratpartiet idag?

På något vänster glömde jag helt bort att blogga om vad jag gjorde igår. Första gången det händer sen jag började den här skumma grejen jag håller på med.

I alla fall! Jag skrev i Pirate Times om fildelaren som får böta 4.3 miljoner, och sen hängde jag med Piratpartiet Norrköping, där jag är revisor, på deras julfika.

Vad har du gjort för Piratpartiet idag? Eller, ja, igår?

32 % för Piratpartiet om Cornucopias väljare får bestämma

Bild av Cornucopia.
Bild av Cornucopia.

Cornucopia, en av Sveriges absolut största bloggare om ekonomi och politik, presenterar idag en undersökning om hur hans läsare skulle rösta i EU-valet 2014. Piratpartiet får otroliga 32 %, jämfört med de 7 % vi fick i det riktiga valet 2009.

Nu är förstås Cornucopia helt öppen med att det knappast är en representativ undersökning, men det är ändå spännande att se hur stora vi kan bli hos en så välkänd bloggare (som alltså inte bloggar speciellt om piratfrågor). Cornucopia uppskattar själv att vi allra minst får behålla våra två mandat, och kanske även få ytterligare mandat.

Bild är CC BY-NC secretlondon123.

172 dagar kvar till EU-valet

4 december 2013, 172 dagar kvar till EU-valet. Vad gjorde jag för Piratpartiet idag?

Någon gång i natt var jag ute och satte upp ett par affischer. Sen har jag skrivit om en debattartikel som inte togs in till blogginlägg, den kan ni läsa här. Sen har jag också suttit och lyssnat på Ung Pirats internationella arbetsgrupp när de haft möte i Mumble.

Vad har du gjort?

Brave New Hello World

Welcome to another new theme of the website! I think this one is all the more easier to read, especially now that I’ve been writing a lot more posts in the past few months.

This blog has slowly moved from covering all kinds of topics, to basically focusing on two – science and politics. When it comes to science, the most common theme is astronomy, and when it comes to politics, it’s almost exclusively pirate ideology. In my opinion, this is awesome. I have always wanted to have a more focused blog, and it’s wonderful to see it organically move into a well put arc. I tried to sum everything up in a piffy tagline, but failed. I finally ended up with ”Your daily fix of space pandas”, referencing my new header and my absolute love for the red panda (Ailurus fulgens).

I still haven’t solved the problem of writing almost all political posts in Swedish, and almost all other posts in English. I consider creating a second blog especially for politics, but that might just make me end up with two rarely updated blogs. I suppose time will tell.

PS. In writing this post, I googled ”pirate ideology” to find a good summary for those less into it. I ended up going with the link to Falkvinge’s blog as seen above, but I also realised that the term is not at all as used as I thought. My own blog even appeared as the fifth result. Is there some other term for the ideology of the Pirate Parties? DS.

My RSS feeds

Having gone off from traditional newspapers and TV reports more and more in the last few years, I’m now getting almost all of my news from RSS feeds (what is RSS?), anything from private blogs such as mine, to larger science blogs, news outlets and organisations such as NASA, and – let’s face it – a bunch of other stuff just for fun. I decided to make this post to go through all English language feeds I follow. Count all these feeds as recommended. In no specific order.

  • xkcd: One of the best web series out there, with good nerd and science humour.
  • Morito Ergo Sum: A promising, up and coming doom metal band.
  • Richard Wiseman: A British psychologist, with lots of great visual illusions (like the one to the right), puzzles and interesting thoughts.
  • SMBC Comics: Funny, skeptical comics from the SMBC team, which I’ve linked to several times in the past.
  • To Posterity – and Beyond!: The blog of Cori Samuels, an audio book recorder I totally fell in love with after hearing her LibriVox rendition of William Morris’ ”The Wood Beyond the World” (which I reviewed here). Her blog is extremely slow on updates, but still of interest.
  • TorrentFreak: The best news source I’ve found concerning internet piracy and filesharing. Although extremely subjective (pro-piracy), they report a great deal on the recent news concerning police busts, laws, new technology, interviews and studies.
  • Wuffmorgenthaler: Another web series, of much lower quality than SMBC and xkcd, but still fun sometimes.
  • Dinosaur Comics: Yet another web series, much wordier than the other, but (most of the time) a lot of fun. Plus, it has dinosaurs.
  • Just Bento: Cool pictures of and recipes for Japanese box lunches (like the one to the right).
  • The Big Picture: With the tagline ”News stories in photographs”, this is a news source which sort of focuses on the tragic events (such as the Japanese nuclear incident last March), and has a lot of excellent, provocative pictures to go along with them.
  • WebUrbanist: Cool architecture. Sort of.
  • Anton Nordenfur: My own blog. Just to see if the RSS feed is working properly.
  • Ars Technica: The latest news in computer technology – computers, operative systems, smart phones, smart TV, tablets, et cetera.
  • The astronomy blog of André van der Hoeven, the dude who took the Moon picture that I wrote about yesterday. Lots of cool space photos.
  • Brainstorm Headquarters: The blog of Fredrik Bränström, rarely updated but excellent when it is.
  • Discover Blogs: This feed includes multiple blogs under Discover Magazine, including the awesome Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy. A great way to keep up with science news from many different fields, some interesting and some less interesting.
  • Explore. Dream. Discover. (and bring a parrot): The rarely updated blog of the fantastic Kaylee, a skeptic parrot owner. Sometimes in Swedish, sometimes in English.
  • Hacking Chinese: A blog by Olle Linge on learning Chinese, which I’ve referenced a couple of times before.
  • LROC News: News released from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, which produced the Apollo 11 photo I wrote about a couple days ago.
  • NASA Breaking News: Constant updates about the work of the American Air and Space Administration.
  • Neurologica: The blog of Dr. Steven Novella, probably most famous as the host of the podcast The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, which I follow avidly since a year past or so. A practicing neuroscientist giving a ”daily fix of neuroscience, skepticism, and critical thinking”.
  • Olle Linge: The personal blog of Olle Linge behind Hacking Chinese. Sometimes in Swedish, sometimes in English.
  • Science-Based Medicine: A blog on scientific medicine, combating nonscientific medicine, basically. With editors and contributors like Steve Novella (who also runs Neurologica), Mark Krislip, David Gorsky and others.
  • Skepchick: The skeptic women organisation Skepchick’s blog, with multiple contributors headed by Rebecca Watson (also of the Skeptic’s Guide, by the way).
  • Universe Today: The best outlet for astronomy news, which is also the reason I’ve referenced them several times in the past. Headed by Fraser Cain of the podcast Astronomy Cast.
  • VODO: VODO is a great source for films and TV series released online under a Creative Commons license. The feed gives a constant update on new projects.
  • Pioneer One: The source for news about the VODO TV series Pioneer One.
  • Quantum Diaries: News updates on particle physics and quantum theory.
  • Astroblog: Astronomy news from Australian Ian Musgrave.
  • Tom’s Astronomy Blog: Astronomy news from… well, Tom.
  • Astronomy Blog: Another astronomy blog, this time British – okay, I consume a lot of astronomy news, so sue me. Following many different sources make evaluating and making sure not to miss anything much easier.
  • Quantum blog: The personal blog of Jev Kuznetsov, a physicist and Matlab programmer.
  • China Space News: News on the Chinese space programme, which is sadly rarely reported on on other astronomy news sources such as Universe Today, in spite of it being one of the most interesting programmes out there, definitely competing with NASA and the ESA.
  • Reuters’ Top News: A good feed for staying up to date with the most important headlines out there. I also have a separate feed for Reuters’ science news, but couldn’t find a link.

I also follow a bunch of Swedish language blogs, mostly on Swedish politics. Yay.

Back on the net was down Monday through Thursday but is finally up again. Apparantly it was a misunderstanding between my hosting brother and the web hosting service, but everything is now back on track again. It got me scared though, especially considering I had forgotten to backup my blog for quite some time.