Life, part III: 2013

2013. It always feels weird when facing a new number, every year the same number. I’m enticed to say that the years feel more and more science fiction and futuristic in the 21st century, but I’m sure it felt exactly the same when predicting the near future or facing new years in the 1900s, or […]

The Oatmeal: ”How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You”

”How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You” was the first book I bought from The Oatmeal (Matt Inman), after reading his comics online for as long as I remember. The Oatmeal’s comics are a brilliant mixture of interesting information and absurdly hilarious humour, as was this book, which is basically a […]

Books of February 2012

These are the books read in February. Andrew B. Kipnis: “Producing Guanxi: Sentiment, Self, and Subculture in a North China Village” (1997) Except for some excellent examples of real life guanxi production, sadly not all that enlightening as I hoped it would be. Then again the real life examples may well be enough to ask […]

The Two Dogs

English essay on how Candy’s dog foreshadowed Lennie’s death in John Steinbeck’s book Of Mice and Men. Finished on December 14th, 2007. Long before the death of Candy’s old dog, several references between the lines suggest its faith – as well as, later revealed, Lennie’s.             The first time the dog is ever mentioned, on […]

Den osynliga väggen – bokanalys

Januari 2008 Den då 96-årige Harry Bernstein fick en sen bokdebut när han 2007 kom ut med sin roman ”Den osynliga väggen” (”The Invisble Wall”, USA), vilken han började skriva 2004 för att behandla sorgen efter hans hustrus död. Han arbetar just nu med en uppföljare, ”Drömmen” (”The Dream”), som kommer att handla om hur […]

Jonas Gardell – Jenny

Yesterday I finished the novel ”Jenny” by Swedish author Jonas Gardell. The book is the third and final instalment of his series about Juha Lindström, Gardell’s alter ego, and his childhood. The story is the continuing of ”En Komikers Uppväxt” (The Grow of a Comedian) and ”Ett UFO Gör Entré” (An Alien’s Entry), and is […]

Lord of The Flies

We are right now reading William Golding’s classic adventure book Lord of The Flies in school. I was surprised, it is truly interesting. All along the reading, I try to think myself into the situation. Off course, this isn’t easy at all since it is a difference of about three years; I am almost fifteen, […]

Carl Jonas Love Almqvist – Det Går An

This is an essay about 19th century writer Carl Jonas Love Almqvist’s swedish book Det GÃ¥r An, that I wrote in school last week (the entire essay is in swedish). Carl Jonas Love Almqvist & Det gÃ¥r an Carl Jonas Love Almqvist föddes i Stockholm i november 1793 och startade sin karriär redan 1819 med […]