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Chinese idiom of the day: 爱屋及乌

This is part six of my series on Chinese idioms, read more here or check out all previous idioms here. I assume no previous knowledge in Chinese, and they’re open to anyone interested in language. If you enjoy the idioms and want to read more, please go buy Pan Weigui’s book, it’s fairly cheap and definitely worth it. It’s […]

Books of March 2012

These are the books read or listened to in March. Philip Plait: “Death from the Skies! The Science Behind the End of the World” (2008) Balancing between depression, amusement and fascination, astronomer Phil Plait (of lists a number of ways in which the race of humanity could be wiped out – everything from asteroid […]

Books of February 2012

These are the books read in February. Andrew B. Kipnis: “Producing Guanxi: Sentiment, Self, and Subculture in a North China Village” (1997) Except for some excellent examples of real life guanxi production, sadly not all that enlightening as I hoped it would be. Then again the real life examples may well be enough to ask […]

China is taking over the space market

China’s space programme has been increasing at incredible velocities in the past decade or so, and by all accounts it will continue to increase in the foreseeable future. They recently became number two concerning satellite launches, launching a total of 19 satellites in 2011, beating the US which launched a total of 18, but still […]

The Beautiful Cosmos: Our Moon

The cosmos is fantastic. Such beauty lie in such basic features as the craters of our own gray moon, constantly hanging in the sky and freaking me out. This picture may not look so different from many other fantastic Moon photos out there, not to mention the Chinese moon map I wrote about last month, but click […]

Apollo 11 revisited – LROC’s best photo of the lunar module yet

I know I’ve written a lot on the Moon lately, but there’s lots to be written. The Lunor Reconnoissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) has now released a pretty neat new photo of the Apollo 11 lunar module as it still stands on the lunar surface. In this picture, taken from 24 km above the surface, we […]

Sociala relationer och guanxis utveckling i Folkrepubliken Kina under reformeran: analys av Gold, Guthrie och Wanks ”Social Connections in China”

Följande är en av läsmodulerna (läsmodul 3) jag skrev till kursen TEAS02 (”Nordostasien II – det moderna samhället”) som jag läste på Linköpings universitet  våren 2012. Observera att texten inte får användas i elaka syften – du får inte påstå ägandeskap, du får inte använda den i kommersiellt syfte. Anledningen till att jag släpper den är om det […]

Chinese proficiency report #2

Inspired by my six month report two weeks ago, I decided to start writing reports on my Chinese skills as they (hopefully) expand and evolve. My courses in Chinese for the 2011-2012 year are the following: TEKI01 – Basic Chinese part 1 The first of two basic courses, which take up the greatest part of […]