Song #16: Desire

It started off so kind Two souls but one mind I promised you to be with you forever We both know this promise never (lasted) [Calm drum solo growing faster] I was blinded by desire You would know I drifted higher and higher You would know Blinded by desire and a victim of love so […]

Song #15: The Haunted One

[Piano playing calmly] People say that I am shielded People say that I am staring into the dark Waiting for my rescue Waiting for a change in life And they won’t believe that someone’s haunting me (ha-aunting me) [Drums introducing harder music] ‘Cause I am the haunted one [Short (~3 seconds) drum solo] Wolves run […]

Song #13: This Song Is An Illusion

you wanna know a goddamn truth? no-one cares about your bluetooth no-one good, at very least and no-one cares about that leet speak [STAGING INSTRUMENTAL] [A CAPELLA] didn’t you know [A CAPELLA END] it’s all an illusion nothing here is for real there is no spoon there is no moon I don’t expect you to […]

Song #10: Stand Alone Complex

standing alone time to die creeping soon time to cry I’m all alone imprisoned for life no-one is human no-one is sane thoughts of dying thoughts of death thoughts of destruction thoughts of my wrath stand alone complex afraid of this non-love stand alone complex no human warmth for life stand alone complex humanity missed […]