Losing all panels in Linux Mint

Another Linux problem that turned out to be much simpler than I thought: After an update and reboot, the bottom panel (my only panel) on Linux Mint was gone. My desktop had also changed. After a lot of hassle the solution was to choose ”MATE” at boot up (at the login splash screen) instead of […]

I’ve got good news and bad news – EA vill övergå till 100 % digital försäljning

Den digitala världen närmar sig allt mer. Allt fler företag inser de enorma fördelarna med att så mycket som möjligt hålla till på nätet. Nu senast är det spelföretaget Electronic Arts som i en intervju nyligen sade att de en dag kommer att övergå 100 % till försäljning av digitala spel – inga skivor, ingenting, […]

Ah, the nostalgia…

I’m reinstalling Windows XP on a computer, and after maybe ten Ubuntu installs since last, it’s a truly awesome feeling of nostalgia. That blue screen of death is both taunting and beautiful. Now fifteen hours of finding drivers! I’m reinstalling Windows XP on a computer, and after maybe ten Ubuntu installs since last, it’s a […]

My RSS feeds

Having gone off from traditional newspapers and TV reports more and more in the last few years, I’m now getting almost all of my news from RSS feeds (what is RSS?), anything from private blogs such as mine, to larger science blogs, news outlets and organisations such as NASA, and – let’s face it – […]

Encrypt your e-mails!

I recently saw the comparison that sending unencrypted e-mails is like sending letters without an envelope. And so I was finally convinced to try it, after hearing about it for years but considering it too much trouble for a little extra security. It turns out that after installing and configuring the system (which wasn’t that […]

Enabling Chinese input in Ubuntu 11.10

I recently upgraded my Ubuntu 11.10 laptop Edenbeast with a complete reinstall of the operative system (renaming it Watcher after Agalloch’s ”The Watcher’s Monolith”), and thought I’d try to give it some Chinese input keyboard while I was at it. Turned out to be easier than I thought. Follow this easy guide and within five minutes […]


New computer purchased. A poor fellow, weak and slow, but it manages StarCraft II (with poor effects), and it was extremely cheap. Plus, I needed a home computer. Following my tradition of computer naming since 2009’s Kinslayer, I have named the computer after another musical piece, this time Elysium by power metal band Stratovarius. Following […]

Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 – how to fix extremely poor performance

In wait for the new Ubuntu 11.04, I decided to reinstall my system for the first time since October, and I also took the chance and switched from Desktop Edition to Netbook Edition – the version especially designed for smaller laptops with weaker hard drives. (and at the same time renaming my laptop from kinslayer […]

The End of an Era: Farewell, Moonlighten, Welcome, Kinslayer.

My laptop Moonlighten (bought in early 2008) has been weak for some time now. The keyboard is broken down into pieces, the screen sometimes shut off, if I connect power it turns off. Plus it weighs too much to be used in everyday school life. It was simply the time of change, the end of […]