The Ball and the Wall

I just visited the shattered remains of the Berlin Wall. A five year old kid kicked a ball right beside it whilst laughing. It felt amazing. I’ve been to Berlin for six days now, my first visit. Yesterday I walked for three hours, from our room in Kreuzberg along the river Spree and through the […]

Day n-1: Death

A section from my (hopefully) upcoming book, ”Home”.   I have been thinking a lot about Death. Yes, I guess that’s how this chapter starts after all. I guess it’s the cleanest way. The most honest way. I’ve been thinking a lot about Death. Always. When I was about eight or nine, my great grandmother, […]

Christopher Hitchens – Mortality (2012)

It took me a long time to digest ”Mortality” before sitting down and writing this review. In short, this is a non-fiction tale of a man’s battle with cancer (or rather, as he would put it, cancer’s battle with him) and his ultimate death. Whether or not you like Chris Hitchens’ philosophy, views on religion […]

A great legend is dead

Few writers have been as prolific to me as Ray Bradbury. He was alongside just a few others in making me start reading properly, start truly enjoying literature and for that matter all media of culture. He was alongside just a few others in making me start make up stuff, start write my own stories […]

The death of another great man – Christopher Hitchens

In spite of some terrible opinions on the Iraq war, Christopher Hitchens will always remain in my heart as one of our time’s greatest journalist, and a man who could speak his mind without caring for the consequences. An atheist who gave power to all of us, and who showed us what could be in […]

Prop 19 fails

Just heard that the Californian Proposition 19, which was voted tonight, failed. Prop 19 would have legalized the personal usage of cannabis (marijuana). Marijuana is a drug that is perfectly healthy in the correct dosage, especially if you decide to compare it to the widely used alcohol. Not to mention, no-one has been recorded to […]