Konkreta politiska åtgärder för feminism

Innan du läser vidare och irriterar dig på att jag använder ordet ”feminism” och inte ”jämställdhet” – Göran Widham sammanfattade detta jättefint i en bloggpost. Läs den först. För en tid sedan skrev jag en artikel om feminism och varför det är en viktig politisk rörelse i 2013 års Sverige. Där sammanfattade jag några av […]


Day n-1: Death

A section from my (hopefully) upcoming book, ”Home”.   I have been thinking a lot about Death. Yes, I guess that’s how this chapter starts after all. I guess it’s the cleanest way. The most honest way. I’ve been thinking a lot about Death. Always. When I was about eight or nine, my great grandmother, […]

Fiona: The Purpose of About a Boy (English essay)

 One of the main characters in Nick Hornby’s novel About a Boy and the eponymous film based upon it is Fiona. Fiona is Marcus’ forty-year-old mother, who tries to raise Marcus as a perfect person into a falling world on her own, ever since she divorced Marcus’ father several years ago. Until the very end […]


Do you need to be an alcoholic to understand such a problem, to understand an alcoholic? Do you have to have tried to commit suicide to understand depression? If so is – damn. A horror writer not going through troubles such as losing relatives or having drinking problems, well, that’s me. Sounds quite strange, I […]