The purpose of this blog

When I started blogging in October 2006, now five and a half years ago (then at, I had no idea what the purpose of this blog would be. I still have no idea, even if it might be at least a tad clearer today. When I first started blogging, I was fourteen years old, and the posts were peevishly personal and dripping with hormonal hubris (and I’m still awesome at alliteration). The egocentrism of the posts has fallen off with the years, to the degree that I very rarely talk about my personal life. There are ofcourse exceptions, such as this post (and no, I still don’t know where it’s going).

All in all, this blog has always been (and will continue to be, in the foreseeable future) a ventilation of thoughts and opinions. The blog hasn’t got a specific purpose or destination, but is the hangar for multiple projects with varying seriousness and purpose. The longest-running project of this type is that of my political views, mostly concerning the Pirate Party but on occasion straining into energy policy, drugs and immigration. Other projects include my skeptical view of the world, my interest in science, and (since I started studying it in last fall) Chinese culture and language.

Why am I writing? What’s the purpose? I dare say that it’s not part hubris. Because no-one ever comments on any post that gets the slightest bit personal. It’s simply not interesting – and I am the same way when I follow other blogs, the personal stuff rarely interest me. But I still enjoy writing, and I enjoy looking through my old posts, including those that I find completely moronic and unscientific in hindsight.

And I would be lying if I didn’t find some occasional appreciation. The comments on my writings on political topics are often phenomenal, which I see when it comes to Facebook likes, Twitter mentions, flattrings and comments. Some people actually do find my musings interesting. That just adds to the enjoyment.


Prop 19 fails

Just heard that the Californian Proposition 19, which was voted tonight, failed. Prop 19 would have legalized the personal usage of cannabis (marijuana). Marijuana is a drug that is perfectly healthy in the correct dosage, especially if you decide to compare it to the widely used alcohol. Not to mention, no-one has been recorded to ever die from overdose of marijuana, while alcohol every year harvest 150 000 lives, and cigarettes 400 000.

The kept illegalization of marijuana causes the exact same result as the alcohol prohibition of the 1920’s, namely great numbers of deaths per year in gang crimes, arrests of perfectly innocent people and destruction of families. And is marijuana really a gateway drug to heavier stuff? No, ask any user. But is illegalization of marijuana a gateway to heavier crime? Yes.


The Lancet's scale of harmful drugs (click to enlarge).

Tim points out in the comments that there is a paper published this Monday in the Lancet which discusses the harms of different drugs in the UK. In the general scale of the study (harm to self and to others combined), cannabis is on the eight position, after alcohol, heroin, crack cocaine, metamfetamine, cocaine, tobacco and amfetamine. The study also points out how illegal drugs such as cannabis, LSD and mushrooms are much less lethal than the commonly used and legal alcohol.