Andra världskriget (Hemprov historia)

1. Beskriv andra världskrigets händelseförlopp Det som betydde allra mest för andra världskrigets utbrott var Tysklands nya regering, det Nationalsocialistiska tyska arbetarpartiet (nazistpartiet), som tog makten 1933 med Adolf Hitler i spetsen. Nazistpartiets hade länge visat fram propaganda som utnyttjade den dåliga ekonomi som följt förlusten i första världskriget. Det Läs mer

Vincent van Gogh

A short essay on artist Vincent van Gogh.  Vincent van Gogh has long been famous for his influence on impressionism, expressionism, and simply the way we understand art today. Many artists today still consider van Gogh’s style to be the perfect art, which cannot be reached again, despite that his Läs mer


Questions and answers on DNA. Quite boring reading, I know, but it might help someone I guess. – What is DNA? The DNA of an organism is the material showing its heredity. The DNA is mostly located in the cell nucleus, packed in chromosones, but can also be found in the Läs mer

The Two Dogs

English essay on how Candy’s dog foreshadowed Lennie’s death in John Steinbeck’s book Of Mice and Men. Finished on December 14th, 2007. Long before the death of Candy’s old dog, several references between the lines suggest its faith – as well as, later revealed, Lennie’s.             The first time the Läs mer