The Twilight Zone

I have heard a lot of the original ”The Twilight Zone” series, running from 1959 – 1964, and I finally downloaded it entirely (24,1 GB, gah) yesterday and watched the first episode (”Where is Everybody”), and it was great.  The Twilight Zone was a series of  free-standing episodes of horror, Läs mer


Okay, so I’m suddenly a member of that Facebook-thingie. Scary. I promise, it was only to get contact with a relative and I couldn’t find her anywhere else! …and don’t ask why I stayed editing my profile for half an hour… My profile


Two days has passed since I got back to Linköping, Sweden after four weeks in Rimini, Italy. I can’t stand a two and a half months holiday from school (June – August), so I just had to get away and get some studying. Sure, four hours of school a day, Läs mer