Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time” was my first step towards fulfilling my 2013 goal of trying ten new board games.

In the game, the players take turns in telling a story, taking help from cards with words like ”hidden”, ”crown”, ”secret” and ”wolf”. Each player has an ending card, with a finishing phrase of the story (like ”then they married and lived happily ever after”). When a player plays her ending card, she wins.

The game relies heavily on collectively working on playing a good game, rather than everyone trying their best to win. If the ending isn’t satisfying to all side-plots, the players can vote to keep playing. If a player tells the story poorly and hesitating, that player’s turn ends.

As not all such rules are one hundred percent clear, I don’t think the game is for everyone. Is not a good game if you always want to win. If you like telling stories and you prefer a beautiful game, this is the perfect game. It works excellently played like I played it, with new friends I had just recently met, and worked with a lot of laughs and a fun time.

The Sims Medieval

I just heard through Vidde’s blog that Electronic Arts plan a brand new The Sims computer game entitled The Sims Medieval. Being enchanted by fantasy and medieval settings, I was extremely excited even before watching any trailers, but after seeing a live showing of the game on YouTube (embedded below) I am even more excited.

The game is apparantly not at all like the earlier Sims games, but you control an entire kingdom, and it seems extremely good. And being released on March 22, it fits perfectly for my birthday…

Finishing Sands of Time

I just finished Prince of Persia: Sands of Time for the second time (the first being right after its release in 2003, and I suppose with loads of help from my brother Tim). It’s simply a perfect game, right in the blend of action and puzzles, light and dark. Whenever it’s too misty and dark you always get to see the light… and the story, and the graphics… just excellent. From what I heard of the sequels, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones, they are much gorier and darker, and with more focus on combat and less on clever puzzles… why? The combat in Sands of Time is perfect, never too much or too often. Maybe I will try on of those games, but more likely I will wait for the release of the next game, The Forgotten Sands, in May and buy it together with a Wii or PlayStation 3 (I’ve released I’m suddenly outdated with PS2 and GameCube – damnit).

And the movie seems strange. Why did they change Farah’s name, for one thing?

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time movie

The Prince of Persia, I have always loved those games. I grew up playing Prince of Persia 2 (originally released in 1994) on the family PC, and in 2003 we bought the 3D reinvention The Sands of Time for our PlayStation 2. I picked up the game again yesterday, and I saw just now that they’re making it into a movie to be released in May this year. Looks okay, but pretty cliché… definitely something I’ll have to check out though.

I also realised I have missed out three games in the series released since The Sands of Time, and a fourth one is released around the time of the movie… I really wish I had a new video game console, all the new games being released for XBox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii. I ”only” have a PlayStation 2 and a Nintendo GameCube. But I guess I should consider myself lucky. 🙂