Om prostitution

Hanna skriver idag ett riktigt bra inlägg om prostitution, och varför det är fullständigt absurt att det idag är olagligt. Penn Jillette hade rätt när han sammanfattade det hela ”jag har rätt att ligga med vem fan som helst, av vilken anledning som helst, så länge personen i fråga är med på det.” Det är […]

Framtidens skola

Inom Piratpartiet har det ett tag nu varit diskussion om utvecklingen av partiprogrammet baserat på våra grundläggande idéer och på medlemmarnas idéer, och ett område som varit speciellt naturligt för utveckling är skolpolitiken. Jag har egentligen hållt mig utanför all diskussion men tänkte att jag både som piratpartist och som intresserad i ämnet skulle tillföra […]

Ubuntu 10.04 BETA

Currently trying out the Ubuntu 10.04 beta, and it’s really nice. Better graphics, quicker boot time, more chats in one with Empathy… simply better than 9.10. The only flaw is that Firefox now comes with Yahoo as the standard search engine, not Google, but that’s easily configured. Currently trying out the Ubuntu 10.04 beta, and […]

Aardvark – When just fucking googling doesn’t do it

I’ve been using Aardvark for about half a year now, answering a few questions on the simpler types of programming, mathematics et cetera, and asking two or three. Answer always comes within two or three minutes. As Aadvark is described by Wikipedia: Aardvark is a social search service that connects users live with friends or […]

Faulty Gmail HTML

I recently joined Google’s mail client Gmail, and I have to say it works phenomenal. However, I just saw some faulting HTML in the footer when logged in, where my pointer is in the screenshot to the right. I guess this link is supposed to point to, but instead it’s <a href=. And […]

Four seconds that might have me stop using Ubuntu

Reading about the upcoming Google Chrome OS, I get more and more interested. The current boot up time of four seconds, is a time Google is attempting to decrease. At least to me, this seems like the new era of computers. The only thing I don’t get is how you need to be online to […]

Is the accordion Italian?

I’m doing a work on the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna for Italian class, and reading through a text I read: ”Venture out into the countryside on a Saturday night and you’re bound to hear the strains of a polka or mazurka, played on a local invention: the accordion.”  Since when is the accordion Italian, and […]

Google Chrome

 I just downloaded and installed the beta version of Google’s long awaited new browser Google Chrome, and it’s great. Ofcourse it’s just a beta version, but I can’t see much to change. Its simple design is great and it leaves lots of room for the actual webpage and less to useless fields of the program. […]

Simone Simons… and the rest

Every day, I get about 6500 hits for one single post on this blog: ”Simone Simons infected by MSRA”, mainly for that damn pic. The second most popular is the main page, with circa 500(!). I don’t mind, it brings quite a lot of people to my blog. I did a search on Simone Simons […]

My Thoughts Concerning Eva and Nightwish’ Latest Year in General

In 2004, Finnish symphonic power metal band Nightwish released their fifth studio album, Once, leading to a giant world tour. After the last concert, the members of Nightwish wrote an open letter which officially fired the lead singer, Tarja Turunen, leading to a giant debate; the name of Nightwish have become famous because of the […]