Simone Simons… and the rest

SimoneEvery day, I get about 6500 hits for one single post on this blog: ”Simone Simons infected by MSRA”, mainly for that damn pic. The second most popular is the main page, with circa 500(!). I don’t mind, it brings quite a lot of people to my blog. I did a search on Simone Simons on Google just a minute ago, and that picture on this site is the first hit! I didn’t think it was that big. Hihi, cool. So now I know how to get audience here: Hot metal singers!

Sharon den Adel

 Simone 2


Liv Kristine


Sharon 2


Simone Simons' health

Goddamnit… From Epica’s offical website:

After having had a couple of weeks of rest we were very much hoping that Simone’s situation would have improved already. Unfortunately the last MRSA test was still positive and also the infections still haven’t stopped completely. We have the feeling Simone’s health is improving but unfortunately not enough yet. We cannot risk the health of Simone and therefore, with pain in our hearts, we cannot come to Mexico and Colombia again. Also two of our three shows in the UK are cancelled for this reason. It’s still impossible for Simone to make long trips. As you can imagine we feel really bad about this, especially since our Mexican/Colombian tour was already postponed once before, but we also hope you understand and respect our decision on this. You all have our word that we will come back as soon as possible to make up for all this. Unfortunately at this moment we just can’t tell when this will be but we hope before the end of this year.

Nightwish – Bye Bye Beautiful

Today, Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish released their third single from their Dark Passion Play album, ”Bye Bye Beautiful” (preceded by ”Eva” in May 2007 and ”Amaranth” in August). This is clearly the best single of the album, and one of the best songs, together with for example ”The Poet and the Pendulum”, ”Sahara” and ”7 Days to the Wolves”.

The standard version of the singel features this tracklisting:

  1. Bye Bye Beautiful
  2. The Poet And The Pendulum (demo version)
  3. Escapist
  4. Bye Bye Beautiful (DJ Orkidea remix)

Except ”Bye Bye Beautiful”, this features ”Escapist”, a bonus track for Dark Passion Play’s Japanese version, as well as two unreleased versions of two songs; a remix of ”Bye Bye Beautiful” and a demo version of ”The Poet and the Pendulum” where Marco Hietala performs all the vocals, with changed lyrics at some points. Frankly, DJ Orkidea’s remix sucks big time. But also, I’ve never really liked techno music. The demo version is ofcourse a demo version, and ofcourse it’s silly to believe Marco can sing the parts of a boy soprano. White Lands of Sympathica, which is a sad part, really makes me laugh on the demo version. I like the lyrics in ”The Pacific” part of TPTP though, that got banned from being published. 🙂

For My Pain… – Fallen

For My Pain… is a Finnish gothic metal band which I got to hear of mainly because their keyboardist is Nightwish’s lead member Tuomas Holopainen. They released their debut album, the masterpiece ”Fallen”, in 2003, and they released a following single with three new songs, called ”Killing Romance”, in 2004, but since then, they haven’t released anything. A shame, that’s what it is.

The album opener is ”My Wound is Deeper Than Yours”, and according to me the song doesn’t quite work as an opener. It’s too boring. You simply can’t make someone understand the potential of Fallen by a song like this one. Sorry, but frankly… fail.

Something I like loads about For My Pain… is that they combine so many different music genres and styles. They can play sad, depressive songs, hard, heavy songs, and happy songs. An example of the latter is the second track, ”Dancer in the Dark”. It’s a soooo good feel-good song. Wohoo!

”Queen Misery” is one of the greatest highlights of the album. It’s like good FMP songs are, it’s sad and happy at the same time, depending on how you see it, what you listen for. That’s cool. And you just HAVE to love that chorus.

”Sea of Emotions” is not very high up on my plays, yet it is a good song. I think, though, that it’s too predictable. I like the whispering before the chorus, and the keyboard in the chorus. It’s a very experimental song, I’d say.

The fifth track, entitled ”Rapture of Lust” has a really cool guitar intro and chorus (it’s about the same notes on vocals instead). I also like the vocals on this song, very experimental (like all their music, heh). This is another song that can be both sad and happy. Me like. The guitar solo at about three minutes is… really cool.

”Broken Days” is probably my favorite of the album, and every time I listen to it I really recognize my life story among the lyrics… Sad, isn’t it?

According to me, ”Dear Carniwhore” is the worse song of the album, way worse than the other songs. I guess every album needs a really heavy song though, and that’s good. It makes me think of some Metallica song, can’t recall which one. Maybe the end of the chorus of Enter Sandman?

”Bed of Dead Leaves”… there’s nothing wrong about the song… it has never succeeded to get through to me though. I can’t understand why. I guess I would count it as neutral. A five if I had to grade it 1-10. I can at least say I like the drums on this track, they’re cool, especially at around 3:30 where it’s a short drum solo.

Okay, I’m going to be honest now. I downloaded the next song (”Autumn Harmony”) at first an hour ago, so I really don’t want to review it yet. Okay? Sorry. :/

At first, ”Tomorrow is a Closed Gate (Dead For So Long)” was my favorite track off the album, but now I don’t know. Maybe I played it too much. I’ve started to get annoyed with it. The chorus is good, though, and the lyrics reminds me of Kamelot’s ”Don’t You Cry”. It’s a good finale.

That’s all, folks. Thanks for the time.

Kamelot – Ghost Opera

On June 5, 2007, American power metal band Kamelot released their eight studio album entitled ”Ghost Opera”. I downloaded (I am ashamed, please forgive me) the album the same summer.

Since I first heard Kamelot (with first loves like ”The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)” and ”The Black Halo”) in the summer of 2006, I’ve loved the band. There is something special with their ability to combine some of my favorite genres in metal: symphonic, progressive, power and (on later albums) gothic. My love for the band is nothing that changes with this album, not at all. As a first comment on it… I love the title and art work… I will buy it as soon as I get some money, I promise. However, I more want to buy their ”One Cold Winter’s Night” DVD. It seems cool.

Over to the review.

The album kicks off with a one minute instrumental entitled ”Solitaire”, that really feels like a waste of time, or an excuse to have eleven tracks on the album, cause it sounds much better than eleven…. A solo violin playing the most boring notes, where’s the KAMELOT? Just skip the track… I do.

”Rule the World”, the second track, is one of those songs that has nothing special that sticks out, but that it’s nothing wrong with. I like the raise of Roy Khan’s voice in the chorus, and it’s quite speedy. It doesn’t really touch me otherwise, but it’s really an okay song.

The main track has an eponymous title with the album. ”Ghost Opera” is a speedy, interesting breaking-border song. And GOD that video’s fabulous! It’s quite boring in a way, though… I can refer to Sonata Arctica’s song ”Wolf & Raven”; the song seems to have a great potential but everything fades when it sounds the same without grande changes. It’s not catchy enough.

”The Human Stain” is the fourth track of the album. It is a cynic’s view of the world: everything bad, human kind’s selfishness (”No one really wants to die to save the world”), and the wish to be an innocent child again. It is a good, cool and catchy song, that is sad and interesting with gothic metal-similarities such as the keyboard playing throughout the song.

”Blücher” is based on the sinking of the the German cruiser of the same name in World War II. It’s a bit like ”Rule the World” but better; it’s quite neutral, nothing good nor bad about it… It’s cool with the intro as well as some parts of the background that’s just filled with sounds of the war; screaming, shooting etcetera.

And here comes what I would presume is my favorite track of the album. ”Love You to Death” is a beautiful story about a couple where the girl is dying, and this is his speech to her about how he will stay by her forever, love her to death… It’s the longest song off the album (5:13) and for that I’m glad. It has a cool intro and a catchy chorus… Me like.

”Up Through the Ashes” is what I would call one of the heaviest song of the album. It’s quite angry. I like it.

”Mourning Star” is quite neutral. I’ve got nothing against it, despite it’s not one of my favorite. Guess I miss some kind of turn that never shows up.

Vocalist Roy Khan tries lots of new vocal methods in the song ”Silence of the Darkness”. It also holds a great guitar solo that has a cool, outstanding sound. I guess I’ll try it as soon as I have the powers. This is one of the songs that seems really cool live (I might go to their Stockholm concert in May, 2008, wih).

Kamelot is really good on slow, sad songs, and they usually have at least one per album. On Ghost Opera, ”Anthem” is the one. It is a sad piano song with a fascinating chorus and beautiful yet sad lyrics. I keep listening for the introduction of sudden drums in the end, by ”I’ll be the best I can”. That would sound great… WHY NOT?

The final song of the album is ”EdenEcho” which is another song that would be lovely live. It doesn’t really make it unto my mind, so I cannot count it as one of my favorites. Yet it has a cool chorus.


  1. ”Solitaire” – 1:00
  2. ”Rule the World” – 3:40
  3. ”Ghost Opera” – 4:06
  4. ”The Human Stain” – 4:01
  5. ”Blücher” – 4:03
  6. ”Love You to Death” – 5:13
  7. ”Up Through the Ashes” – 4:59
  8. ”Mourning Star” – 4:37
  9. ”Silence of the Darkness” – 3:43
  10. ”Anthem” – 4:24
  11. ”EdenEcho” – 4:13

The album also features two bonus tracks (”The Pendulous Fall” and ”Season’s End”), both which I haven’t heard.


I recently discovered a new band. It’s a really good gothic-doom metal band called To/Die/For, from southeastern Finland. Check them out on their page at or go download / buy their music somewhere. They are currently looking for a new label so they need all help they can get selling albums; i. e., buy their albums if you find them! I can’t… :/

Their vocalist is a bit weird (at least the voice…) but give him a try! This is the second doom metal band I’ve liked, the other one being My Dying Bride, and To/Die/For are much better 🙂 Started listening the day before yesterday, still listening with barely any interruptions. ^^

I especially like songs like Little Deaths, Jaded and Fragmented.
You’ve got to at least try them. PLEASE!<3