Books of March 2012

These are the books read or listened to in March. Philip Plait: “Death from the Skies! The Science Behind the End of the World” (2008) Balancing between depression, amusement and fascination, astronomer Phil Plait (of lists a number of ways in which the race of humanity could be wiped out – everything from asteroid […]

Books of February 2012

These are the books read in February. Andrew B. Kipnis: “Producing Guanxi: Sentiment, Self, and Subculture in a North China Village” (1997) Except for some excellent examples of real life guanxi production, sadly not all that enlightening as I hoped it would be. Then again the real life examples may well be enough to ask […]

Sociala relationer och guanxis utveckling i Folkrepubliken Kina under reformeran: analys av Gold, Guthrie och Wanks ”Social Connections in China”

Följande är en av läsmodulerna (läsmodul 3) jag skrev till kursen TEAS02 (”Nordostasien II – det moderna samhället”) som jag läste på Linköpings universitet  våren 2012. Observera att texten inte får användas i elaka syften – du får inte påstå ägandeskap, du får inte använda den i kommersiellt syfte. Anledningen till att jag släpper den är om det […]

Books of January 2012

I’ve overall been extremely slow with book reviews on this blog, the basic reason being that I never get around to listing and reviewing all the books I read. So, my new (hopefully consistent) project is to keep a constant list of all books I read, with a shorter review along with them. Seeing as I […]