I am really slow on the comment moderation, I have noticed. I’m almost up to 10 000 unmoderated comments, as always 99 % spam. The annoying thing is that there is no button for erasing them all, I have to erase the last 100 first, then update, erase the next Läs mer

A Way of Life

Read. I have always been thinking. Always, since I was born. Love, hate, sorrow, religion, why is the world as it is? What is the reason of hate, what causes sorrow? Sorrow is a matter we need to accept, someone we are forced to understand and cope with. Everyone dies, Läs mer


What wouldn’t I give to hold you only once? Only once Then you are free Then I won’t ask any more of you Then you don’t have to hear me say Those aweful words again Only once Would it hurt you? Would it rip your soul the way you say Läs mer