One year with Anki

On August 22, 2011, I first downloaded and started using Anki, an amazing (and free!) program for studying just about anything. I’ve primarily used it for my Chinese studies, but I’ve also used it for remembering science constants, math equations, birthdays, geography (at least I tried) and a lot more. Läs mer

Books of May 2012

These are the books read in May. Hasn’t gotten much read due to a lot of school and work. Mignon Fogarty: “The Grammar Devotional” (2009) Filled with some great tips on using proper grammar, some already known and some new. I’m not a big fan of the day-to-day structure (read a tip a Läs mer

My RSS feeds

Having gone off from traditional newspapers and TV reports more and more in the last few years, I’m now getting almost all of my news from RSS feeds (what is RSS?), anything from private blogs such as mine, to larger science blogs, news outlets and organisations such as NASA, and Läs mer

Chinese idiom of the day: 噤若寒蝉 – as quiet as a cicada in winter

When thinking of Chinese turns of phrase or idioms, 噤若寒蝉 (jìnruòhánchán) is probably of the type that springs to mind. It literally means ”as silent as a cicada in winter”. Comparisons with plants or insects (like the cikada) is fairly sterotypical of East Asian languages like Chinese and Japanese, while they’re Läs mer