Losing all panels in Linux Mint

Another Linux problem that turned out to be much simpler than I thought: After an update and reboot, the bottom panel (my only panel) on Linux Mint was gone. My desktop had also changed. After a lot of hassle the solution was to choose ”MATE” at boot up (at the login splash screen) instead of […]

Ah, the nostalgia…

I’m reinstalling Windows XP on a computer, and after maybe ten Ubuntu installs since last, it’s a truly awesome feeling of nostalgia. That blue screen of death is both taunting and beautiful. Now fifteen hours of finding drivers! I’m reinstalling Windows XP on a computer, and after maybe ten Ubuntu installs since last, it’s a […]

Enabling Chinese input in Ubuntu 11.10

I recently upgraded my Ubuntu 11.10 laptop Edenbeast with a complete reinstall of the operative system (renaming it Watcher after Agalloch’s ”The Watcher’s Monolith”), and thought I’d try to give it some Chinese input keyboard while I was at it. Turned out to be easier than I thought. Follow this easy guide and within five minutes […]

Spotify Unlimited

Now I’ve started subscribing to the middle level of Spotify, Spotify Unlimited. Spotify Unlimited cost 49 kronor (~4.5 €) per month and features no advertising as well as being available for Linux (without the semi-faulting Wined version). It is the step above the free Spotify Open, and one step below Spotify Premium, which cost 99 kronor (~9 […]

Framtidens skola

Inom Piratpartiet har det ett tag nu varit diskussion om utvecklingen av partiprogrammet baserat på våra grundläggande idéer och på medlemmarnas idéer, och ett område som varit speciellt naturligt för utveckling är skolpolitiken. Jag har egentligen hållt mig utanför all diskussion men tänkte att jag både som piratpartist och som intresserad i ämnet skulle tillföra […]

Simpler solutions

The computer’s sound just didn’t work. And earlier today I actually dropped the computer – for the first time, I should add. I also recently updated to the second Ubuntu 10.04 ???beta, and I started to panic—what was broken, what was wrong? I checked through the configurations and the drivers, tried out two different headphones […]

Four seconds that might have me stop using Ubuntu

Reading about the upcoming Google Chrome OS, I get more and more interested. The current boot up time of four seconds, is a time Google is attempting to decrease. At least to me, this seems like the new era of computers. The only thing I don’t get is how you need to be online to […]

Damned be the world.

Just before bedtime a few hours ago, I managed to lose my entire harddrive of data. Wohoo! I was trying to destroy the Windows partition to use my Ubuntu 9.04 in its entirety, when I accidentally destroyed the Linux partition too. I have since spent about three and a half hour sitting here dressed for […]


I’ve recently realised that I am adicted to Supertux. Supertux is an open source Linux version of the classical game Super Mario, with a penguin instead of Mario. The game can be downloaded for free and it works fine at not only Linux, but also Windows. I’ve recently realised that I am adicted to Supertux. […]