Chinese idiom of the day: 不翼而飞 – to fly without wings

The idiom 不翼而飞 (búyì érfēi) is interesting not only in that the sign 翼 is extremely cool looking, but also in that it’s literal meaning is almost identical to an English idiom with a completely different meaning. The translation is ”to fly without wings” (or even more literal with the proper word order, ”without wings […]

Worth a listen

How can Sonata Arctica keep producing songs with such a happy melody and so goddamn sad lyrics? It doesn’t fit at all, but it’s cool. Nightwish is the total opposite, the lyrics always fit with the melody / music. Just look at Sonata songs like The Rest of the Sun Belongs to Me (lyrics right […]

Nightwish – Bye Bye Beautiful

Today, Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish released their third single from their Dark Passion Play album, ”Bye Bye Beautiful” (preceded by ”Eva” in May 2007 and ”Amaranth” in August). This is clearly the best single of the album, and one of the best songs, together with for example ”The Poet and the Pendulum”, ”Sahara” and […]

Updated "Amaranth" lyrics

Nightwish has now released the official lyrics to their next single, ”Amaranth”. The lyrics are: Nightwish – Amaranth Baptised with a perfect name The doubting one by heart Alone without himself War between him and the day Need someone to blame In the end, little he can do alone You believe but what you see […]

"Amaranth" lyrics

Nightwish’s next single, ”Amaranth” from their ”Dark Passion Play” will be released on August 22. A few days ago, it was leaked entirely unto the Internet, and here are the lyrics. Even though you can listen to it already for free, please buy the single as well as the entire album, to support the band. […]

Nightwish – Eva lyrics

At last. I have waited a long time (okay, two days) for the lyrics of Nightwish’s newly released single Eva to be out on the net 6:30 winter morn Snow keeps falling, silent dawn A rose by any other name Eva leaves her Swanbrook home A kindest heart which always made Me ashamed of my […]

Song #16: Desire

It started off so kind Two souls but one mind I promised you to be with you forever We both know this promise never (lasted) [Calm drum solo growing faster] I was blinded by desire You would know I drifted higher and higher You would know Blinded by desire and a victim of love so […]

Song #15: The Haunted One

[Piano playing calmly] People say that I am shielded People say that I am staring into the dark Waiting for my rescue Waiting for a change in life And they won’t believe that someone’s haunting me (ha-aunting me) [Drums introducing harder music] ‘Cause I am the haunted one [Short (~3 seconds) drum solo] Wolves run […]