I am increasingly annoyed that I so thoroughly enjoyed the ”hey I just met you” meme before I ever heard of the song. Hearing the song played over some radio I walked past a few weeks ago was a true epiphany. I am increasingly annoyed that I so thoroughly enjoyed the ”hey I just met you” meme before I […]

Quote of the Day #25

I trust in the gospel of doubt and wonder. It is often the pride of mankind which makes them think they have all the answers. I rather live in mystery and have an open mind towards everything. Faith sometimes makes a virtue out of not thinking. – Tuomas Holopainen [1] I trust in the gospel of […]

Kommersiell digitalmusik som den ska vara

Kommersiell digitalmusik – affären bakom att sälja musik i sin digitala form och inte som fysisk CD – har ett otroligt dåligt rykte. Det förtjänar det. Vi är just nu i en övergångsfas när digital teknik används allt mer, och allt fler lyssnar på musik genom datorer, mobiltelefoner, musikspelare, och så vidare. Jag äger själv […]

Amberian Dawn – Circus Black (2012)

For one reason or another (or perhaps for no reason at all), I have missed out completely on music for a while. No good. Until this weekend I hadn’t heard Nightwish’ new ”The Crow, the Owl and the Dove” single with the previously unreleased ”The Heart Asks Pleasure First” b-track (cover of the theme song […]

My RSS feeds

Having gone off from traditional newspapers and TV reports more and more in the last few years, I’m now getting almost all of my news from RSS feeds (what is RSS?), anything from private blogs such as mine, to larger science blogs, news outlets and organisations such as NASA, and – let’s face it – […]

Joss Stone on piracy: ”I don’t care how you hear it, as long as you hear it.”

More artists should keep an open mind when it comes to piracy. Do what many others have before you – try to release an album for free online as well as a regular release, and see if you get as much or more than you would have. It’s free advertisement that have worked many times […]

Nightwish – Imaginaerum (2011) track by track first listen review

While Nightwish’ new album Imaginaerum is set for a November 30, 2011 release, for some reason my preordered edition arrived early in the mail, and I got the chance to listen to it right away. So I made som hot cocoa, light up some candles and popped the CD in. Here goes with my first thoughts […]

”Storytime” review

The new Nightwish track ”Storytime” is finally out. The single can be bought or downloaded, and the video can be viewed on YouTube (the video version of the song is shortened by a minute and twenty seconds, with parts of the intro and the symphonic section removed). The song is surprisingly good, both melodic and interesting, […]