Song #8: Fight The End

we can’t accept what just must happen tell me will we accept what’s about to happen to us to our love the end is possible to rearrange let’s go ahead and kill the end must all the good things have a end must every relation end follow me we’ll fight Läs mer

Song #6: So Suddenly

suddenly, so suddenly you’re not with me anymore suddenly, so suddenly your breath cannot be heard suddenly, so suddenly I’m left alone within a moor suddenly, so suddenly I hear your voice echoing suddenly, so suddenly you’re not by my side no more suddenly, so suddenly I’m crawling into madness Läs mer

Song #5: I Surrender

you followed me down the lake to take our lives to go ahead and make somethin’ out of this to take away the knives you wanted to rearrange a life with both of us at once you wanted our star to rise I had told you ”no” before still you Läs mer

Song #4: Breathe

(breathe) go ahead and (breathe) please would you go ahead and put the mind into this life would you go ahead and breathe breathe for me for loves of yours please my love please breathe for me if I’m supposed to live a life then you have to live as Läs mer

Song #3: Dead Saints Marching

they never cared ’bout your soul and never Christianity they thought God was trickable they thought heaven was something to sell now, they’ll never go to heaven nor hell dead saints marching (they are dead) and they’re marching (they are dead) they tricked their God and failed their purpose they Läs mer

Cuties & Avril Lavigne

Hi. Tim’s girlfriend, Natima, is here during the weekend. They are too cute, I can’t stand it… I just miss Emmy. We are also celebrating Tim’s 17th birthday later today, so my entire family comes here. By the way, I downloa… uhum, I… ”bought” an album with Avril Lavigne (The Läs mer

Song #2: Dies Irae

This is a quite old one. I published it on another site, and just found it. Oh no, It’s time He’s coming over there No time for rime Let’s run away from here Lucifer is on his way He will kill everyone in his sight Let’s run right away He’s Läs mer