Long Lost Love

I wrote this poem between the 16th and 19th of January, 2008. Hush, my dear Let the winter whisper its message Don’t say a word As we wander through the ages In this winter wonderland I can’t sleep When we lay down in the wintery world Don’t try to breathe Läs mer

The End

Another poem. Has nothing to do with my life at the moment right now, though. So god damn it, don’t get it wrong. Why are you so turned away from me? Why is the window opened tonight, and why are you not saying a word? Why aren’t the stars as Läs mer


A poem for you, Emy. You are my hope You are my happiness You are the one who lit the stars You are the angel that God sent me to take away the pain You are the one who heals my wounds You are the one that turns withered grass Läs mer

Ruined Memories

A poem of mine. Fearing the non-love, as I ignore the feelings yet another night. Fearing the non-love, as I drop the battle and hear the sound. Hated and feared, I take my next breath. My life is no longer here by my side, and for years I have fought Läs mer