My new book ”Home” available on Amazon

Amazon has now started selling my new book Home through their various websites (France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, UK, USA). Unfortunately it is to expensive to buy it to Sweden due to the shipping costs, but for whoever lives outside of Sweden this is the best and cheapest way to get it at the moment. Home will start selling in Sweden some time […]

Book release of ”Home”

My new book ”Home” is finally being released. You can get it as an e-book through, and within a week I will start selling it as paperback. As described on the website: A story about obsession, hate, jealousy, love, pain, art, life, death, and the search for a never-ending, never-dying home. But most of all a […]

Day n-1: Death

A section from my (hopefully) upcoming book, ”Home”.   I have been thinking a lot about Death. Yes, I guess that’s how this chapter starts after all. I guess it’s the cleanest way. The most honest way. I’ve been thinking a lot about Death. Always. When I was about eight or nine, my great grandmother, […]

Imaginaerum thoughts

Thoughts now that Nightwish has released the tracklist to their upcoming album Imaginaerum: ”Taikatalvi” = ”Takatalvi”? ”Turn Loose The Mermaids” = ”Turn Loose the Swans”? ”The Crow, The Owl And The Dove” = ”The Crow and the Warrior”? ”Song of Myself” = ”Song of Myself”? Alright, ”Takatalvi” and ”The Crow and the Warrior” are a […]

Quote of the Day #21: Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came

Not hear? When noise was everywhere! it tolled Increasing like a bell. Names in my ears Of all the lost adventurers, my peers – How such a one was strong, and such was bold, And such was fortunate, yet each of old Lost, lost! one moment knelled the woe of years. There they stood, ranged […]

Joy to the world…

Two great birthdays are to be celebrated today. The first is a celebrated giver of enlightenment throughout the world, one of the founders of what we understand of this world. Ofcourse I speak of Isaac Newton. The second is a master of word and sound, a true poet, a composer of light and dark and […]

Quote of the Day #18: Romeo and Juliet

You lay before me Unwounded yet fallen Sorrowful yet blissed Art thou still mine? Is this fantasy Or real? It’s all the same Why was I your Romeo? Why were we the ones? Why did you fall? Why did you leave me When I wasn’t there? Why didn’t I help? There’s a sorrow that can’t […]