Book Review: Kiss Me Judas

A great mix of paranoia, noir suspense, and horror. Gets less and less comprehensible as the story goes on (alongside the narrator’s weakening sanity), sadly to a degree where the last ~50 pages lose quality on being incomprehensible at times. A great mix of paranoia, noir suspense, and horror. Gets less and less comprehensible as […]

Book Review: Catching Fire

I get the point of this book in the series, I really do. This is where the rebellion catches fire, where everything starts anew, and that is the real point of the book. The problem is that part is extremely hard to tell in a first person perspective from someone who’s not actually in the […]

Book review: The Hunger Games

In short an amazing book, with some problems with deus ex machina at times. The very ending was a bit anti-climactic. Some really surprising twists and great characters. Strong female characters and the semi-lack of sexism is a huge plus. In short an amazing book, with some problems with deus ex machina at times. The […]

Once Upon a Time

”Once Upon a Time” was my first step towards fulfilling my 2013 goal of trying ten new board games. In the game, the players take turns in telling a story, taking help from cards with words like ”hidden”, ”crown”, ”secret” and ”wolf”. Each player has an ending card, with a finishing phrase of the story […]

Amberian Dawn – Circus Black (2012)

For one reason or another (or perhaps for no reason at all), I have missed out completely on music for a while. No good. Until this weekend I hadn’t heard Nightwish’ new ”The Crow, the Owl and the Dove” single with the previously unreleased ”The Heart Asks Pleasure First” b-track (cover of the theme song […]

Books of January 2012

I’ve overall been extremely slow with book reviews on this blog, the basic reason being that I never get around to listing and reviewing all the books I read. So, my new (hopefully consistent) project is to keep a constant list of all books I read, with a shorter review along with them. Seeing as I […]

Nightwish – Imaginaerum (2011) track by track first listen review

While Nightwish’ new album Imaginaerum is set for a November 30, 2011 release, for some reason my preordered edition arrived early in the mail, and I got the chance to listen to it right away. So I made som hot cocoa, light up some candles and popped the CD in. Here goes with my first thoughts […]

Agalloch – Marrow of the Spirit (2010)

American black folk metal act Agalloch’s fourth studio album Marrow of the Spirit was released in October of 2010, perfectly before the winter season hit Sweden. And yes, the music fits perfectly with winter – this album is especially gloomy and filled with despair even in comparison to 2002’s The Mantle and 2006’s Ashes Against […]

Stratovarius – Elysium (2011)

Power metal pioneer Stratovarius’ twelth studio album Polaris basically shocked the fans in 2009, bringing forth a powerful line-up after the departure of long-time guitarist and composer Timo Tolkki, who left the band in a big feud in 2008. Polaris was a refreshing new album, stepping on new grounds of progressive metal and techno, and […]

Kamelot – Poetry for the Poisoned review

Norwegian-American progressive power metal act Kamelot‘s 2010 album Poetry for the Poisoned is unlike anything they have ever released, and to some extent unlike anything anyone has ever released. It is an interesting joyride of traditional heavy metal hatered, emotions beyond music and and an experience hard to match nor describe, but let’s try. The Great Pandemonium […]